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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 9, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> shock if deal of disbelief following resignation of cia director david pe traition. he
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stepped down abruptly after admitting he had an extra marital affair. good evening. senator feinstein says she doesn't believe that petraeus transgression required his resignation. she says quote i wish president obama had not accepted his resignation but i understand and respect the decision. this is an enormous loss for our nation intelligence commun country she. now officials say the affair was discovered during an fbi investigation. more now from news reporter martha. >>reporter: cia director petraeus held all of the nation secrets. but was keeping a big one of his own. today in a statement to cia employees the man considered a national hero by some acknowledged the affair what he calls his extremely poor judgment. such behavior is unacceptable the statement said. both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. petraeus went to the white house yesterday to
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turn in his resignation. same place he had so frequently been called upon to serve. >> great privilege to serve with our young men and women. >>reporter: today in a statement president obama praised petraeus dedication and patriotism and said his thoughts and prayers are with dave and holly petraeus. holly and dave petraeus have been married 38 years. she was the daughter of the command didn't of west point during his years at the academy. he went on to distinguished military career in iraq under george w. bush tenure. >> general petraeus was asked to do a very difficult job and he did it with distinction and honor. >>reporter: and then for president obama into afghanistan and then the cia. but that is why this is so troubling. certainly others have been involved in extra marital affairs in congress and elsewhere but having the director of central intelligence involved in an elicit affair with world
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leaders friend and foe watching his every move and almost certainly looking for vulnerability and possibility for blackmail. there is a question of why he chose to resign now. officials tell abc news the fbi was investigating petraeus's biographer paula broadwell for strange activity on the internet and then some e-mails were discovered in the course of that investigation that raised concerns. this is abc news washington. >> further into this, 2 weeks ago the fbi met with general petraeus. agents thought that petraeus computer had been hacked. they discovered evidence of his relationship with paula broadwell. broadwell is a graduate of the united states military academy at west point. she spent 15 years in the military. broadwell has described mr. petraeus as her mentor. she is married with two children. as for petraeus wife she works in the administration helping returning service member find financial security
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and fighting off bank that is prey on them while they are away. she and david petraeus as you heard have been married 37 years. hers is a military family. her great great grandfather fought in the civil war. her own father retired 4 star general. over the couple nearly 4 decades together the family moved 24 times following petraeus career. holly raised 2 children. san jose police identified a suspect in the murder of woman in san jose. here is troy police say listed on records as one of the residents of the house along with his wife but police not identified the victim yet. victim found on the 6100 block of advantage drive. police are searching for him and question about his how long it took police to get to that body. about corrina has the explanation. >>reporter: at 5:58 this morning there was a 911 hangup call from this home on this
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drive. communication center tried to call back but there was no answer. officers in the field had their hands full with other higher priorities calls. >> they were responding to rash of auto thefts that were in progress where the vehicles couple vehicle had been crashed into other vehicle so they had to respond to make sure that nobody was hurt in those accidents. >>reporter: when there was a shift change and more officers available san jose police went to the home directly to follow-up. it was an hour and 15 minutes after the initial hangup. ultimately they found a woman's body in the entry way. >> see on tv people say i can't believe it's our street. that's exactly how we are reacting. we are a very tight knit community on this street. >>reporter: police say even after they arrived and noticed something suspicious they had to wait for animal control to take away 2 barking dogs. by then it was 8:00 o'clock. roughly 2 hours and 20 minutes after the 911 hangup. neighbors say they often saw
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the homeowners especially the woman walking the dogs. >> i don't think i have ever met they will. just saw them walkinging the dog back and forth that's about it. >>reporter: investigators began processing the crime scene and looking for evidence as soon as they obtained a search warrant. they say prop procedure was followed in handling the 911 hangup call but add the department is short staffed ichltd i think if we have more resources available at the time we certainly could have addressed it in a more timely manner absolutely. >>reporter: this is san jose 41st homicide of the year. surpassing the total for all of last year. in san jose, corrina, abc 7 news. talk about the weather for a moment. likely see the first frost of the season. there's an ice layer of snow covering the highway in the sierra tonight. 18 inches fell overnight and highway patrol requires you to have chains with you on interstate 80 right now. and you can barely see it but look closely and you can see a light dusting of snow at
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some of the mount diablo contra costa county, east of san jose got some too and many lower elevation cost get the first frost of the season tonight. the. and here's hail that was sent in to you report at our web site part of burst wet winter weather that the bay area experienced overnight. so is there more to come? let's talk to expense we are a look at radar tonight. spence spencer. >> well there could be more of all those things to come. certainly will be more showers to come if you look at live doppler 7 hd little pockets of shower activity offshore which has been the pattern for most of the day into the evening hours. but some has moved on land. take a look at this east of san jose over the mount hamilton area. mixed precipitation because the air is really cold so some snow mixing in with some of the precipitation there. farther south down in the big sur mountains down near soledad and greenfield you can see a little
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bit of snow in the higher elevation there. showers down below and offshore pocket of shower activity a lot of cold air coming our way right now temperatures drop to the 40's in many locations around the bay area. we'll see low 30's in some spots before this night is over. frost advisory in effect for the north bay valley and mountains and the southern valley 2 to 8:00 a.m. see low temperatures in the mid 30's. low to mid 30's. sensitive plants may damaged by the cold. i'll have closer look more details a little bit later. >> thank you. see you shortly. >> oakland city leaders are frantically trying to hold off the appointment of a federal receiver designed to implement reform in the police departmen department. those reforms came out of a settlement in 2003 from the infamous ryder trial you may recall that. 4 rogue policen victimize more than 100 people according to court records. the federal government feels that nine years has been enough time to implement the reforms. the city though wants a judge to appoint a compliance director
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claiming that a receiver with power to fire the police chief and his command staff would cripple the city of oakland. third man is under arrest tonight for vandize ago muni bus while san francisco fans celebrated winning the world series. 24-year-old adam diaz of oakland is in jail right now for felony vandalism and destroying passenger transit vehicle. that's him in action. police say diaz used a skate board to break windows on the edge of the bus. side of the bus. they credit help from the public in argue diaz after the pictures i showed you were put all over television. 2 other men were arrested earlier this week for vandalizing the same bus. also set on fire following last month giants world series win. police say they are looking for at least 2 other men in this case. moraga school board president has abruptly resigned after hours winning reelection on tuesday. the cocoa times reports that the district
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superintendent e mailed parents last night about dexter resignation. officials say it's effective medley. school district has been criticized for its handling of a sex abuse lawsuit suing the district for covering up the claims of sexual abuse years ago by 2 of the teachers. it is in response to her lawsuit the district said the own care lessness or negligence may have played a role in what happened. on wednesday the school district apologized for that and directed the attorney to withdraw that the line of defense in the case. we have a lot more to bring you on this friday night. just ahead abc 7 news follow-up. one day after the evacuation of peninsula hotel you are going to hear from the doctor whose miracle diagnosis triggered it. >> big rig driver takes a wrong turn and finds himself stuck in san francisco. >> the oracle yacht overturned in the bay last month. it will never sail again but it just
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might fly. we have the story. >> what could be the last drop. idea of life without coffee may give you the jitters but a big chunk of the market could big chunk of the market could become
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a embassy suite hotel in burlingame the other night when everyone had to be evacuated. car bob mox leak discovered by very quick thinking doctor and the poisoning is difficult to diagnosis but that doctor who followed his instinct likely saved lives. story tonight from 7 news reporter vick lee. >>reporter: at about 1:00 a.m. thursday some 500 guests were evacuated from the rooms at the embassy suite hotel. this after firefighters found a carbon monoxide leak in the swimming pool boiler. earlier wednesday evening at about 6:00 paramedic transported a guest suffering from an undisclosed illness to mills peninsula hospital. cat scan performed on the brain. the results puzzled radiologist dr. greg lynn. >> something didn't look right about it and harder i looked the more i scratched my head. >>reporter: patient had a high fever. was not conscious. he thought he might have had a stroke. but the results of the scan were different. he finally decided it might be
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carbon monoxide poisoning but was still not positive. >> i have only seen it once or twice in teaching files during my training and i said my gosh. aim going to make this kind of call. >>reporter: he told er doctor karen. >> she also couldn't believe i it. >> my first thought was we are in california. i haven't seen carbon monoxide poisoning since i was medical student in chicago. >>reporter: the test showed the carbon monoxide in the patient system was abnormally high but just about the amount of a heavy smoker. then his wife said he didn't smoke. he believes the c o readings were a result of the good work by the paramedic. >> the fire department supplying oxygen to the patient so quickly and in such a high flow i think that's why the level was lower.
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>>reporter: after consulting with paramedic firefighters decided to go back to the hotel and test the ground for carbon monoxide. they isolated the c o in the hotel guest were evacuated. potentially bigger disaster was prevented. >> we are kind of like detectives. kind of like a real live quote episode of house or something. >>reporter: but neither doctor say they think of themselves as heroes. >> i'm just a small piece of big puzzle but glad that the diagnosis i made led to the safety of a lot of other people that potentially could have been seriously injured. >>reporter: we have some good news. the patient that was admitted to mills peninsula hospital is apparently doing better. we are told he can now wiggle his toe which is an incourageing sign say doctors.
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>> well this is counter intuitive but young drivers are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel than drivers in any other age group according to new study fromñr triple a. 1 out of 7 young drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 dozed off while driving last year. only 1 in 10 drivers over the age of 24 fell asleep. drowsy driving is a major issue out on the roads with one in 6 deadly crashes caused by a driver who fell asleep behind the wheel. >> big rig driver didn't fall asleep. he just got a taste of how tough it can be to navigate san francisco. his truck became stuck in the base of hill in no valley. grade too steep forth big rig to clear. the driver got lost trying to get to south san francisco and was following directions on his gps. well trouble on the water while back. remember america cup sailing team. devastated by the accident that destroyed the high tech racing catamaran last month. we showed you the picture. they are waiting for
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new boat but in the mean time one of the sailors came up with a novel way to pass the time and lift everyone spirits in the process. here's heather. >>reporter: it's called the spirit of 17. it's made with piece office broken wing from the name sake oracle america's cup catamaran known as the 17. the 8 million dollar racing catamaran crashed in san francisco bay last month and is now being rebuilt here and in new zealand. in the mean time sailor shannon thought it would be fun and therapeutic to build a scale model of the sailboat and compete in tomorrow's red bull race where dear definite will a sense of humor fling themselves and aircraft off a 30 foot platform at the cove and hope to fly. the spirit of 17 will be competing against among other entries a cow. dinosaur and hot sauce bottle. she designed and is building the spirit of 17 on his own but he did consult with one of the
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oracle team usa design experts for some advice. >> i wanted to build a straight wing like on the cat. he says without this you are not going to fly and i'm not sure if we'll fly but it looks good. >> heather report snooing let's go back to talk about the weather forecast. certainly some changes around here. spencer tracking it as we hit the weekend. >> biggest change the cold. sub freezing temperatures in some location tonight. tl and some frost. this for goode's lm the high definition sutro camera looking out over san francisco tonight. actually partly clear night. we have some clouds around but not very thick or wide spread and we have some little pockets of shower activity as you can see here on live doppler 7 hd. most active weather is out over the water of the pacific but we do have some spots of precipitation hitting land
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areas right now mainly over at mount hamilton with mixed precipitation in the higher elevation above 3000 feet. snow fall in there and down near montd ray bay we have pockets of shower activity mainly out over the water but some inland down over carmel and soledad in that area. temperatures are dropping. it's chilly in the bay area right now. 42 degrees at santa rosa. 45 at nap a.this gives you an indication where the coldest air will be overnight mainly up in the north bay. 50 here in san francisco right now. 52 oakland and these are the forecast feature we'll see some showers overnight into the early morning hours. not a lot probably. snow possibly over the peak above 3000 feet. some of that right now is seen. freezing cold weather in the early early morning hours maybe even patchy early morning fros frost. low temperature we predict at 31 degrees in santa rosa. 32 at clover dale and napa. 33 at fairfield. so right around or even just below freezing in some spots in the
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north bay over into the northeast. we sea lots of 30's in the inland locations and low 40's right around the base. this will be chilly to cold overnight period. low pressure system descending down along the coast line with the cold air and moisture wrapped aroun around. so we have a few more showers heading our way. some off the north coast right now and that's where we are lakely to see shower activity overnight. 11:00 o'clock tonight we will see spotty shower activity mainly offshore or near the coast at half moon bay or santa cruz and on we go. so overnight few patches of showers will pass by again most of it will remain offshore but by 5:00 a.m. or so we could see some pushing into the santa cruz mountains and down into the south bay at san jose and morgan hill and pushing out and midmorning to midday tomorrow we see precipitation ending. sky becoming at least partly sunny but cool tomorrow although it will be dry. high
9:22 pm
pressure in the 50's mid upper 50's across the bay area. into not likely to see many areas at 60 degrees perhaps morgan hill. other than this it's a cool 50 kind of day. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we'll see cool weather but dray weather over the weekend. start to get milder early next week and even milder still by midweek. we also have showers arriving and periods of rain or showers wednesday thursday and friday. but it is that season so keep the umbrella handy. >> thanks spencer very much. >> chilly outside to be on the water but praying for waves. surfer gan gather on the county coast when they are doing whatever it takes hoping to hang 10 mavericks. stay with [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> rising sea and severe storm talked about threats of climate change but here's one more. no more coffee. that's because rising temperatures may cripple the wild tree particularly sensitive to temperature. the coffee is the most cultivated species in the world. researchers focus on the tree in ethiopia. unthe best case scenario 2 third of the tree gone by 20 80. worst case we would be out of the coffee entirely. it's the back bone of the coffee industry accounting for 70% of global production. >> well, time to wawngs the boards. mavericks surfing contest window now open. surfer from all of the world paddle out perform a prayer circle as part of the opening ceremony. the invitational bring in surfers from around the world to challenge some of the biggest waves on the west
9:27 pm
coast. >> we are looking for waves 30 to 50 feet. to do this contest. and that's what these guys have been training for. they are ready. come from brazil. south africa. california. hawaii. >>reporter: surfer be given a 48 hour notice to come ride the waves when conditions are perfect. that could be anywhere from next week until the end of march. the actual surfing contest has not been held since 2010 because conditions were never quite right. so they have the fingers crossed this year. all right more to come on 7 news at 9:00. president obama draws the line on reducing the deficit. we sample some local opinions you will hear on where the line should be drawn. plu plus. >> at 6 flag in vallejo special >> at 6 flag in vallejo special investment got >> and with veterans day approaching new investigation reveals the endless wait that bay area vets must endure to get the help that they are due.
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>> as you heard the nation is approaching the fiscal cliff when taxes and spending get cut at the first of the year, tonight president obama is campaigning for what he hopes will be a grand bargain with republicans in congress on this issue. mark matthews tonight with the president's pitch. >>reporter: speaking from the east room at the white house the president message simple. >> we can't just cut our way to prosperity. we are serious about reducing the deficit we have to combine spending cuts with revenue. that means asking the wealthiest americans to pay a little more in taxes. >>reporter: he made the argument a central theme of the reelection campaign. now he says it's up to congress to
9:32 pm
follow the will of the majorit majority. at group square local and tourists watch the speech this morning. then agreed the bush era tax cut people making more than 250,000 ought to expire. >> i have always been a supporter of it. >> he made the point and i felt it was great. >> you know i think we all have to sacrifice. that's just the way it is. >> i don't make a quarter million a year and i'm willing to pay more taxes to solve the problem. i don't know why those people won't. >>reporter: well we did go to place called lefty. bay area business council meet thanksgiving morning former deputy chief of staff republican speaker was giving the republican take on the president speech. >> between now and the 24th of december you will see rhetoric. >>reporter: lobbyist toll the business council there will be a short term fix before christmas and long-term deal before the august recess but will republicans accept tax hike on the rich?
9:33 pm
>> it's not as clear as the president will have you believ believe. >>reporter: russell doesn't believe the majority of americans support letting the tax cuts for the rich expire. >> gosh 49-49 issue. i think it's closer than people think. >>reporter: last time gallup asked question about taxing people making more than 250,000 66 percent better than 2 to 1 supported the idea. president plans to meet next week with congressional leaders. boehner said everything needs to be on the table. also said this is a time for the president to lead. ironically if the president does a good job leading on this issue could put a lot of pressure on congressional republicans to break those pledges they have made to never raise taxes. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. around the country thousands of veterans send sunday like last year. wait to go see if the department of veterans affairs will grant their disability claims.
9:34 pm
tonight the center for investigative reporting finds that many of those veterans will be unfairly denied their benefits all because of error made by the va. >> i knew it. i knew i was supposed i knew i was to get my claim approved. i knew it. >>reporter: in 2008 the department of veterans affairs denied jose round tree consistability claim for ptsd what you get shot before you can get ptsd. there's more than one way of getting wounde wounded. i was mentally wounded. >>reporter: he was on navy destroyer in 1983 that engaged in battle off the coast of beruit. but the va couldn't find any evidence that he was in combat. >> i just did a quick google search on military history site and i was able to verify that his ship that he was on was actually in combat. >>reporter: jamie fox was claims processor at the va oakland office. >> i brought it to the attention of the supervisor
9:35 pm
because i was new and i didn't know what to do. >>reporter: fox never s round tree file again. 5 mont months later she was forced ou out. fox termination letter said she was let go because she did not send round tree a letter denying his claim. >> i was in shock. i was confused. >>reporter: fox filed a wrongful termination suit against the va. agency declined several request to discuss her case on camera. but in a deposition former director of the va oakland office did talk and shed light on how the agency is run. lynn flint said it didn't matter if the decision in the case was right or wrong. >> not interested in quality. interested in production. and getting the decisions done regardless of whether they are right or wrong. >>reporter: attorney gordon has successfully sued the va on behalf of veterans. he doesn't represent round tree or fox but he's not surprised by what happened to them. >> the system is simply broke. we can do better for our
9:36 pm
veterans. >>reporter: va says the error writ on disability claims is 14 percent but the center for investigative reporting analyze sub set of the claims and founder or writ of 38 percent. then there's this. the appeal board said the agency made mistake in 73 percent of cases. error are often the result of well known practice at the va says the attorney. >> practice called top sheetin sheeting. very famous term in the va. that is basically take a look at the file.take a look at the top pages on the file and you write a decision. >>reporter: in a statement the va says it's quote retooling procedures and deploying paperless data systems. va goal is to reduce its error rate to 2% by 2015. >> i want to see dramatic changes taking place now. >>reporter: congresswoman spear says errors are contributing to the va huge backlog of disability claims. >> there's no benefit in pushing a determination out
9:37 pm
that is wrong. because in the end it will be appealed and it's going to make the record look even worse. >>reporter: appeals represent 31 percent of the agency 8 19,000 pending disability claims. by the time jose filed the first claim had he spent 17 years in the navy. and more than a decade on the streets addicted to drugs. >> i lost it. i had a maim breakdown. >>reporter: while waiting for the va to process the claim the family struggled financially. same day he received the denial letter he got a job offer from the va health care division. now he works as a cook at the agency medical center in sacramento. jamie fox works for the same division of the va that hired round tree assisting veterans in santa rosa. her lawsuit still pengd. this spring she found on face pwichblingt i was so nervous calling. i didn't know how he was going to respond. >>reporter: she heard what happened to his claim and he heard what happened to her job. >> i felt her pain. i felt her
9:38 pm
anger. i felt everything about her because she and i connecte connected. >>reporter: few week later they met and fox convinced him to file a new disability claim. >> not just for me but for every other vet that's out there that is suffering. for every other vet that coming back home that they going to see a difference. okay. i want these vets coming back from over seas to get better treatment. >>reporter: jose round tree has been waiting 5 months to hear if the va will approve his new claim. long time but keep in mind on average veterans who submit claims to the oakland office will wait a year before a decision. well military life often means missing important moment with family like visiting kids at school or with the birth of child but as we continue child but as we continue tonight one soldier came home
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>> tough job for firefighters in eastern oak la hope. 3 businesses went up if smoke at one point flames somewhating 100 feet into the air. the buildings were historic dating back to the 1800. even used as back drop for the 1971 film where the red fern grows but no more. >> beak on of hope shining once again in new york harbor. torch at the statue of liberty lit for the first time since being damaged by hurricane sandy. lights donated by iowa company. they are powered by small generators and mounted on movable structure that can be relocated as permanent repairs are made. statue itself remains closed because of storm damage. former oil executive with experience in conflict resolution chose tone lead the anglican church. fast rising reverend justin only a bishop
9:43 pm
for a year. as new archbishop of canterbury deal with two big issues dividing the church ordination of women as bishop and same sex marriage. well what a veterans day story. texas military family reunited. dad is back home from a war zone and he surprised his little ones at school. kevin was there. is. [applause]. >> daddy. [applause]. >>reporter: army specialist ben ivy just from assignment in virginia. the last time he saw the kids was july. the kids held on and refused to let go. >> can't describe it. it's surreal. better than winning the lottery. whole world.
9:44 pm
>> what a beautiful moment. daddy home. >> as you can imagine ben missed a lot of birthday but not to. his wife is scheduled to have the couple third child. pretty remarkable. what timing. >> well, as we continue. dolphins therapy. up next. finding some calm amid troubled waters. stay with us
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you're better at hockey. >> bay area combat veteran trying to recover from traumatic experience had a unique opportunity today. they swam with the dolphins. part of larger program to help them transition back no civilian life. laura anthony has the story now from 6 flags discovery kingdom in vallejo. >>reporter: it's a smile that
9:48 pm
doesn't come easily for charles quigley. at least not lately. not since he served in the army infantry in iraq. >> good job. [applause]. >>reporter: but here for at least an hour quigley and 9 of the fellow veterans had the rare opportunity to swim with the dolphins at 6 flags discovery kingdom. >> i didn't want to come. i wanted to isolate today and getting out here today doing this is amazing. really joyful day. >>reporter: these men are all in a residential treatment program called the path way home at the veterans hospital in yountville they it's have ptsd or traumatic brain injury. >> there is this sort of cloud of hopelessness that sort of hovers over them. a lot of that has to do with the fact that they don't know how to decompress. don't know how they are going to be or see a future. >>reporter: goal of the program is simple. help the guys let go of the anxiety and learn how to relax again. >> learning how to relax and
9:49 pm
interact with the community in a positive way and learning how to be a civilian again and know that life is not all bad. >>reporter: bringing the vets hear was muriel snyder idea. she ace volunteer with the path way home who happened to swim with the dolphins for her 90th birthday. >> the fellas need this. need to get away from the horrible dreams and experiences and just look at their faces. i get all emotional. >>reporter: beyond the smiles this is also about creating new memory. to replace those other terrible images the men are working so hard to forget. >> i'm never going to forget this. >>reporter: in vallejo, abc 7 news. what a spectacular day for them. update the forecast. spencer is back with that. chilly. >> it is chilly. it's absolutely cold overnight in
9:50 pm
some location. right now live doppler 7 hd with spotty precipitation. most offshore. patches of showers off the santa cruz county coast line just west of santa cruz. a little bit of mixed precipitation in mount hamilto hamilton. cold air little snow and dry calm day but up in partsd of the northwest north central states it's snowing and winter. snowing in parts of montana and north dakota. high of 9 degrees in great falls. in california some light snow over the sierra. showers down south near l.a. santa barbara but mainly dry in the bay area after overnight showers. high pressure only in the 50's though. cool day. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. dry but cool over the weekend. getting a little bit milder early next week but showers also arrived next week. wednesday thursday friday. rainfall but it's that season. let's not complain. >> we shall not. thanks
9:51 pm
spencer very much. >> sports director larry is here. >> i'll xlaichbility i watched the warriors tonight. trying to take vng of a lakers team that just fired the coach. opportunity right here. right? who needs a coach when you have who needs a coach when you have kobe bryant and
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>> coming up at 11:00. chp officer will not be forgotten. the event honoring the man gunned down two months ago. >> skin cancer fight. how this wand could diagnose the problem faster and more accurately. the stories and more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here with a look at the warriors in action tonight. all the sports. >> in los angeles tonight with the lakers in complete disarra disarray. so you would think they fired head coach brown today 5 games in the season. could golden state take advantage of the squad. interim coach for the lakers while everybody beg for jackson to come out of retirement,
9:55 pm
firing the coach doesn't fix the defense. 2 hand slam for golden state. curry check out the lay up. ankle is fine. 13 in the first half. lakers junk the offense that brown installed. dwight howard over to kobe for 3. lakers up 47-38 at the half. barns misses. if he is tuesday with the best. kobe willing the lakers to victory though. nice.take shot the ball from behind the basket. lakers up 10. pulling away. world peace o for 10 somewhating then decided i'll keep shooting. knock down a 3. l.a. by 17. kobe steal slam. he had 27. lakers crust to victory 101-of 77. not a good job by the warriors tonight. >> college basketball season opened this evening. bay area show down between stanford and usf at oracle arena. first time they played since 2005. stanford 3 of 7 from 3 point
9:56 pm
range in the first half. big stroke stanford up 21-7. battle back. give them a lead. stanford taking control. look what i found. takes it the other way. nice finish. cardinal and powell with a monster game inside here. throwing down. he has 27 points at last check. right now stanford leading 3 minutes left. 69-58. they turn an aircraft hangar into arena at air force base in germany. unique opener for michigan state and connecticut. kevin making head coaching debut for yukon. team came out firing out of the gate. the daniels with authority. that double d on display right there. huskies jump out to big lead. brian boat wright hooping. 3 32-18. spartans fight back to within 1. but boat wright says i have seen enough. camouflage
9:57 pm
in this game. honoring the military. yukon upset michigan state 66-62. cal football team play the final home game of the season tomorrow night. bigger question is whether this is the final game in berkeley. bears 3 and 7. 28 point under dog against no. 2 oregon. last time the duck came to berkeley the bears barely lost. 15-13 final. held oregon to over 300 yards of offense. that's lor for the duck. that was then. this is now. bears most likely will be without the starting quarterback maynard and brother receiver allen best player on the team and the duck they play at video game speed. >> seems like they have speed all around the board now. in every position and so i think the team speed really stands out. i said this before the offense gets a lot of attention and deservedly so but the defense is slechbility all around really good team. really good football team.
9:58 pm
>> stanford host oregon state tomorrow the at noon. 3 and 5 raiders heading to baltimore to play the ravens. running back both out with ankle spraichbilitys when mcfadden went down last week they decided the only thing to do is let palmer throw it and he attempted 61 passes. racked up 4 14 yards 4 touch downs but 3 pick as well. cost the raiders any chance of come back against the buccaneers. baltimore head coach the john harbaugh, palmer when he gets hot he's dangerous. >> he can make every throw. not a throw he can't make. and when he's on he's on time. can really stick it in tight windo window. so he's fearless competitor. watch him play with enthusiasim out there. he loves to compete so we have a lot of respect for carson palmer. >>reporter: if you see raw hide you know san francisco bull highlight against the thunder stockton. behind the bench for the bull. watching. not going to suit up. first
9:59 pm
period. one timer and 1-1 game. third period. rush. wilson. he squeezes it home as the bulls win it over the thunder from stockton 4-1. you have to see this. yesterday nhra funny car driver beckman car engine explodes. qualifying session in pomona a.incar camera view. he was fine. he walked away without a scratch. my goodness. he joked that if somebody wanted to donate a left eyebrow he would gladly accept at this point. the safety of the vehicle when that can happen. whole thing is inferno. fichlt exploding part. >> to be able to walk away from that. >> incredible. >> scary. >> yes. all right on that not note, i'm dan for all of us


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